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Vinita Dasgupta (b. 1983) earned her BFA (2005), and MFA (2008) from Delhi College of Art.  Her inspiration comes from India’s rich cultural heritage mixed with India’s modern urban culture. She is best known for her signature `rolled’ art –images of iconic feminist women and men created from miniature canvases painted with old scrolls, Sanskrit texts, modern newspaper print, paper, photo images and paint.  Marilyn Monroe and Vidya Balan are examples.  She trained as a dancer and worked as a fashion designer – both strong influences in her art. She sees her works as pictures of a state of mind – distracted, half conscious, bringing together scraps of memory, floating impressions, thoughts and feelings.  She has had several solo shows, the most recent one in Lisbon, been part of over 20 group shows and exhibitions in India, Singapore, Dubai, Portugal, and the UK, and received numerous awards and accolades.  She was one of very few young artists whose work was selected for the India Art Fair three years in a row. 

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