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Shameen Subrana lives and works in Dhaka.  She has her BFA and MFA from Dhaka University. While building her own artistic repertoire she has always been a promoter of the arts and young artists – she is the founder of an art venue to showcase terracotta and ceramic works by young artists, and opened the first woman-owned and run gallery in Bangladesh - Gallery Twenty-One. Her work is exhibited in Bangladesh and internationally – Japan, Egypt, New York, Vietnam amongst other countries.  This work is one of 40 in her solo exhibition in Dhaka. The show was described as a novel in 40 chapters about life. In her daughter’s words – Shameen’s shapes change meaning in each piece – in one, a circle is the bangle of a young girl being married off to an older man without her consent or knowing what she is getting into, her rectangles can be people in protest, or debris polluting the rivers.  The show also speaks to an immense personal loss of her son, and all proceeds from her art go to a foundation formed in the memory of her son that gives scholarships for children living in slums.

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