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Megha Joshi. INDIA.  RED Series I of V. 2016.  Watercolor, vermillion, cotton wicks on paper.  Size: L11 by W9 inches.


Megha’s story.  Megha has always been interested in the intersection of gender, religion and ritual. Menstruation is currently the great fault line in Indian religious discourse. She brings an ironic twist in the tale: representing labias made of jyots or oil lamp wicks, soaked in vermillion (kumkum), she manages to use ritualistic paraphernalia in her crusade against the unequal practices perpetrated by religion.  She uses the concept of jap or repetitive chanting – a manner of prayer in many religions – and applies it to her work by sticking thousands of wicks by hand. Her work sold out at the 2016 India Art Fair.

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