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Ragini Upadhaya Grela, Nepal.  GIVE US FREEDOM.  2005.  Acrylic, rice paper, texture on canvas.  Size: H30.5 inches X W42.5 inches (framed 32.5H x 44.5W). 


Ragini’s story.  In 2005 the royal massacre occurred in Nepal, where the entire royal family was killed presumably by the young crown prince who then took his own life at a family gathering. The killed king’s brother took the throne, after which came a period of political repression - the internet was banned, the press was silenced, a curfew was imposed.  With her quintessential satirical humour, Ragini mocks this repression.  The iconic Shiva’s bull at the famous Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu is looking at the tantric images on the temple pillars in shock at how far the regime will go – that they are even trying to put chains on how the Gods and Goddesses love.                  

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