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Hellen Nabukenya (b. 1988) is one of a few practicing contemporary women artists in Uganda. She graduated in fine arts from Kyambogo University and co-founded Art Punch Studio - a studio and exhibition space for emerging and contemporary artists in Kampala.  She weaves painting and craft through her large bold canvases of paint and recycled textiles – her textiles speak to an environmental consciousness and use of materials traditionally made by craftswomen.  Her work explores a construction of mindsets and attitudes. For her installation `Tuwaye’ – “Let’s Talk” at the 2014 Kampala Arts Festival 2014, she used discarded textiles and worked with craftswomen to create walls of textiles to communicate and interact with her viewers in a call for communities to address social, political, economic issues around the table. Hellen is an artists, a feminist and aims is to empower women through engagement in the arts.

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